Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fishing on Martha's Vineyard

 Lawrence Cross Photography

I advertise myself as Lawrence Cross Photography, but what does that mean? The short form answer is that I love images of people, places and things. Weddings and portraits are my specialty but scenics are my joy.

Until recently, Martha's Vineyard hosted a wonderful Shark Fishing Tourney. As is always the case, some vocal people thought that catching Sharks was not an environmentally sound practice and their voices were heard. Now there is no longer a Shark Fishing Tourney on the island. There were certainly some beautiful boats and incredible rigs on display.

Jacksonville Florida is a lovely place to live. In my view, Jacksonville is just possibly the largest country town in the US. Jacksonville would like to be considered cosmopolitan but it is just not. It is the city with the largest land mass of any city in the US, maybe that helps. I don't know. What I do know is that Jacksonville is extremely picturesque.

The Lovely Bride

The Hart Bridge, Jacksonville FL
There is no-one as lovely as a bride on her wedding day. I had the honor of capturing this image of this bride before the ceremony. She is radiant, truly a bride for the ages. A bride to make the husband's heart glad.


  1. Great post Larry. Lovely imagery and really great exposures. I think that anyone that books their events with you will have a really professional look to all their photographs. Great seeing your work again. Denzil Ernstzen Pictures Inc.

    1. Hi Denzil,
      So very good to hear from you. I trust all is well up there in MA. Life is good here in FL. Having a great time. Having a hard time figuring out how to get search engines to find my blog. Any ideas?

    2. I suggest you look at adding key words to everything that you write. Make sure you mention the words, wedding, portraits and they should also be in the titles and subject headings of your web page. Also make sure that you send me a link or let me know then I will share it on my blog.