Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lawrence Cross Photography

Lawrence Cross Photography

Weddings, Portraits, Events 

There are many genres of photography. Three of the most satisfying to me are Weddings, Portraits and Events.
It is my very subjective opinion that the two times a woman is at her loveliest are on her wedding day and when she is pregnant. I have had the privilege of photographing women in both of these situations, a little of which I have included below, and I think the viewer can see the truth of what I am positing. The best part of this sexist diatribe is that their men understand what God has gifted them with!

To see examples of my Portrait and Event photography go to my Facebook page at - Lawrence Cross Photography or my web site at www. The viewer may email me at

My portrait photography captures new borns, families and single adults in formal or informal poses, in the studio or out of doors with natural light or strobe lights.

My event photography has captured everything from a 5K fun run to a Mahjong tournament to a
Fashion Shoot where the models were wearing Clothing Suitable for Mourning.

Fishing on Martha's Vineyard

 Lawrence Cross Photography

I advertise myself as Lawrence Cross Photography, but what does that mean? The short form answer is that I love images of people, places and things. Weddings and portraits are my specialty but scenics are my joy.

Until recently, Martha's Vineyard hosted a wonderful Shark Fishing Tourney. As is always the case, some vocal people thought that catching Sharks was not an environmentally sound practice and their voices were heard. Now there is no longer a Shark Fishing Tourney on the island. There were certainly some beautiful boats and incredible rigs on display.

Jacksonville Florida is a lovely place to live. In my view, Jacksonville is just possibly the largest country town in the US. Jacksonville would like to be considered cosmopolitan but it is just not. It is the city with the largest land mass of any city in the US, maybe that helps. I don't know. What I do know is that Jacksonville is extremely picturesque.

The Lovely Bride

The Hart Bridge, Jacksonville FL
There is no-one as lovely as a bride on her wedding day. I had the honor of capturing this image of this bride before the ceremony. She is radiant, truly a bride for the ages. A bride to make the husband's heart glad.